HPTN Ethics Guidance

A brief description of  the 2003 HPTN Ethics Guidance Document was published in the BMJ, “Ethics Guidance for HIV Prevention Trials1.”  In addition, several members of the EWG wrote about the process of producing the guidance document and how it fits into HPTN research in an article published in IRB: Ethics & Human Research:  "Back to the Rough Ground: Working in International HIV Prevention as Ethical Debates Continue."2

A number of developments over the last five years have prompted this revision of the HPTN ethics guidance document including new scientific findings and the increased availability of antiretroviral treatments. The revised Ethics Guidance for Research was completed June 10, 2009.  This revised guidance document aims to facilitate HPTN’s mission by raising awareness of the associated ethical considerations, engaging network members at all levels in discussion about those considerations, and facilitating the integration of ethical considerations into the design and implementation of HPTN research.

NEW!!  HPTN Ethics Guidance for Research (Revised June 10 2009)

HPTN Ethics Guidance for Research (2003)

1Reproduced with permission from the BMJ Publishing Group.  This article originally appeared in BMJ 2003, vol. 327, no. 7410, p. 340.

2© The Hastings Center. Reprinted by permission. This article originally appeared in IRB: Ethics & Human Research, vol. 25, no. 2 (2003).