HPTN 061

Feasibility of a community-level, multi-component intervention for Black MSM in preparation for a Phase IIB community-level randomized trial to test the efficacy of the intervention in reducing HIV incidence among Black MSM


Study Results

The HPTN 061 study team is proud to share initial results from HPTN 061. HPTN 061 was a large multi-site study of HIV and black MSM conducted among 1553 participants in six U.S. cities. It is the first study to determine the rate of new HIV infection among such a large prospective cohort of U.S. black MSM. Please see the documents below for specific study details released to date. Ongoing and planned analyses of data from HPTN 061 will continue to make important contributions to understanding the HIV epidemic among black MSM for months and years to come. The study team wishes to express its gratitude to the study participants who generously volunteered their time and for the valuable contributions of the communities where the study was conducted, without which this research would not have been possible.

061 Public Data

  • Some data from HPTN 061 are publically available on the Atlas web portal maintained by the HPTN Statistics and Data Management Center. These data include overall and site-specific information about enrollment categories, demographics, and health care utilization as captured at the baseline visit and information about retention of enrolled participants over the follow-up period of the study. These data can be accessed here.

  • Public use data sets for HPTN 061 are scheduled to be available during the summer of 2014.


061 Publications (short summaries of each published manuscript can be found here)

  1. Koblin BA, Mayer KH, Eshleman SH, Wang L, Mannheimer S, del Rio C, Shoptaw S, Magnus M, Buchbinder S, Wilton L, Liu TY, Cummings V, Piwowar-Manning E, Fields SD, Griffith S, Elharrar V, Wheeler D; HPTN 061 Protocol Team. Correlates of HIV acquisition in a cohort of Black men who have sex with men in the United States: HIV prevention trials network (HPTN) 061. PLoS One. 2013, 8: e70413 PMCID: 3724810.
  2. Dyer TP, Regan R, Wilton L, Harawa NT, Ou SS, Wang L, Shoptaw S. Differences in Substance Use, Psychosocial Characteristics and HIV-Related Sexual Risk Behavior Between Black Men Who Have Sex with Men Only (BMSMO) and Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women (BMSMW) in Six U.S. Cities. J Urban Health. 2013,DOI:10.1007/s11524-013-9811-1 : PMCID: In Process.
    Note: This is an HPTN Scholar paper
  3. Hussen SA, Stephenson R, Del Rio C, Wilton L, Wallace J, Wheeler D; HPTN 061 Protocol Team. HIV Testing Patterns among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Qualitative Typology. PLoS One. 2013, 8: e75382 PMCID: 3777907.
    Note: This is an HPTN Scholar paper.
  4. Brewer RA, Magnus M, Kuo I, Wang L, Liu TY, Mayer KH. Exploring the relationship between incarceration and HIV among Black men who have sex with men in the United States. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2013: PMCID: In process.
    Note: This is an HPTN Scholar paper.
  5. Magnus M, Franks J, Griffith S, Arnold MP, Goodman K, Wheeler DP; for the HPTN 061 Study Group. Engaging, Recruiting, and Retaining Black Men Who Have Sex With Men in Research Studies: Don't Underestimate the Importance of Staffing-Lessons Learned From HPTN 061, the BROTHERS Study. J Public Health Manag Pract. 9 Jan 2014 (Epub ahead of print).
  6. Brewer RA, Magnus M, Kuo I, Wang L, Liu TY, Mayer KH. The high prevalence of incarceration history among black men who have sex with men in the United States: associations and implications. Am J Public Health. 2014;104(3):448-54 PMCID: In Process.
  7. Mayer KH, Wang L, Koblin B, Mannheimer S, Magnus M, del Rio C, Buchbinder S, Wilton L, Cummings V, Watson CC, Piwowar-Manning E, Gaydos C, Eshleman SH, Clarke W, Liu TY, Mao C, Griffith S, Wheeler D; HPTN061 Protocol Team. Concomitant socioeconomic, behavioral, and biological factors associated with the disproportionate HIV infection burden among Black men who have sex with men in 6 U.S. cities. PLoS One. 2014;9(1):e87298 PMCID: 3909063.
  8. Harawa N, Wilton L, Wang L, Mao C, Kuo I, Penniman T, Shoptaw S, Griffith S, Williams JK, Cummings V, Mayer K, Koblin B; HPTN 061. Types of Female Partners Reported by Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women (MSMW) and Associations with Intercourse Frequency, Unprotected Sex and HIV and STI Prevalence. AIDS Behav. 2014, Feb 13: PMCID: In Process.
  9. Irvin R, Wilton L, Scott H, Beauchamp G, Wang L, Betancourt J, Lubensky M, Wallace J, Buchbinder S. A Study of Perceived Racial Discrimination in Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) and Its Association with Healthcare Utilization and HIV Testing. AIDS Behav. 2014;Epub(ahead of print):PMCID: In process.

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IAS 2013

A Qualitative Analysis of HIV Testing Patterns among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Sophia A. Hussen MD, MPH, Robert Stephenson PhD, Carlos del Rio MD, Leo Wilton PhD, Jermel Wallace MHS, and Darrell Wheeler PhD on behalf of HPTN 061. A poster presented at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 1, 2013.

061 Results Webinar

A webinar was held on 15 August 2012 to review the study results presented at the IAS conference, to share different perspectives on the experience of black MSM engaged with conduct of the study and to discuss the findings. View the webinar slides. Or watch the webinar video below (.wmv files play in Windows Media Player, Mac users will need to install Flip4Mac to watch .wmv files)





For site-specific questions and information regarding this webinar, please contact one of the following:

Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Christin Root
  New York Blood Center
New York, NY
DaShawn Usher
Fenway Community Health
Boston MA
Ben Perkins
  San Francisco DPH
San Francisco, CA
Hyman Scott
George Washington University Washington, DC
Manya Magnus
Los Angeles, CA
Gregory Victorianne
Harlem Prevention Center
New York, NY
Sharon Mannheimer


Study Results Press Release

  23 July 2012 Press Release
  HPTN 061 Fact Sheet
  HPTN 061 IAS - AIDS 2012 Summary Slides


News Items

  Washington Post
  Boston Globe
  U.S. News and World Report
  Time - Healthland
  CBS News
  USA Today
  FOX News, Washington, DC (video)
  Global Medical News (YouTube Video)


IAS - AIDS 2012 Web Casts and Links to Presentations

Health Disparities and the U.S. MSM HIV Epidemic
Co-Chairs: Kevin Fenton and Darrell Wheeler, United States

Presentations by Ken Mayer and Beryl Koblin
Download presentation by  K. Mayer or  B. Koblin

HIV Diagnosis and HAART Initiation: Don't Be Late!
Co-Chairs: James Hakim, Zimbabwe and Cristina Mussini, Italy

Sharon Mannheimer presentation webcast
Download presentation by S. Mannheimer

061 Posters at IAS - AIDS 2012

  Sexual Networks and HIV Risk among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in the U.S. - Tieu
  The High Prevalence of Incarceration among Black Men who have Sex with Men (BMSM): Associations and Implications - Brewer
   Black Caucus Poster - Fields, Watson, Wilton, Lucas, Wheeler
  Socio-Cultural and Psychological Factors as Predictors of HIV Sexual Risk Behavior in Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (BMSM) from 6 U.S. cities - Wilton, Shoptaw
  Differences in Psychological, Social, Substance Use and HIV Sexual Risks between Urban Black Men who have Sex with Men Only (BMSMO) and Black Men who have Sex with Men and Women (BMSMW) - Penniman-Dyer
  A Study of Perceived Discrimination in Black MSM and its Association with Healthcare Utilization and HIV Testing - Irvin