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Introducing New Study Concepts: A Community Engagement Perspective

Kisumu April 2020

When a new study concept is introduced, a critical component of the process is engaging study communities. Helping community members understand the benefits and risks of study participation allows them to make decisions about how they want to support or contribute to a study’s development. Whether a new drug, treatment method or technology, the messaging process is critical, and consultation at the protocol development stage is essential. The community engagement team at the KEMRI Centre for Global Health, aka Kisumu Clinical Research Site (CRS), in Kisumu, Kenya, regularly engage community stakeholders, including women, youth, female sex workers, and men who have sex with men.

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Giving Women Control of HIV Prevention: How Injectable PrEP Could Change Everything

GirlsDecember 1, 2017

By Sinead Delany-Moretlwe

As a South African, HIV prevention is a very real and personal issue. I completed my medical training in South Africa at a time when HIV incidence was rising. The hospital wards were full of young people, including women who should have had futures ahead of them and yet for whom we could do very little. Antiretrovirals were in their infancy and had not yet reached South Africa. That experience for me as a clinician was profound. Even now, it is impossible to ignore the impact that HIV has on women in our region, particularly young women. 

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