HPTN Email Distribution Listings


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Alias List Name Alias List Email Address
Adolescent Science Committee AdolescentsSC@hptn.org
African MSM AfricanMSM@hptn.org
African PIs AfricanPIS@hptn.org
Biomedical Working Group BiomedWG@hptn.org
Black Caucus BlackCaucus@hptn.org
Black MSM PrEP BlackMSMPrEP@hptn.org
Central Operations Group CentralOps@hptn.org
Central Resources Ancillary CentralResourcesAncillary@hptn.org
Clinicaltrials.gov CTgov@hptn.org
Cohort 1 International Scholars Cohort1_IS@hptn.org
Cohort 10 Domestic Scholars cohort10domesticscholars@hptn.org
Cohort 11 Domestic Mentors C11DMentors@HPTN.org
Cohort 11 Domestic Scholars cohort11domesticscholars@HPTN.org
Cohort 12 Domestic Scholars Cohort12domesticscholars@hptn.org
Cohort 2 International Mentors C2IMentors@hptn.org
Cohort 2 International Scholars Cohort2InternationalScholars@hptn.org
Cohort 4 International Scholars Cohort4InternationalScholars@hptn.org
Cohort 5 International Scholars cohort5internationalscholars@hptn.org
Cohort 5 Mentors Cohort5Mentors@hptn.org
Cohort 5 Scholars Cohort5Scholars@hptn.org
Cohort 6 International Mentors C6IMentors@HPTN.org
Cohort 6 International Scholars cohort6internationalscholars@HPTN.org
Cohort 6 Mentors Cohort6Mentors@hptn.org
Cohort 6 Scholars Cohort6Scholars@hptn.org
Cohort 7 Domestic Mentors C7DMentors@hptn.org
Cohort 7 Domestic Scholars Cohort7DomesticScholars@hptn.org
Cohort 7 International Scholars Cohort7internationalscholars@hptn.org
Cohort 8 Domestic Scholars Cohort8DomesticScholars@hptn.org
Cohort 9 Domestic Scholars Cohort9DomesticScholars@hptn.org
Community CORE Group Community@hptn.org
Community Working Group CWG@hptn.org
Community Working Group Evaluation Committee CWGEvaluationCommittee@hptn.org
Community Working Group Steering Committee CWGSteerComm@hptn.org
Community: 084-01 CWG 084-01CWG@HPTN.org
Community: CoVPN 3502 CWG CoVPN.3502.CWG@HPTN.org
Community: CoVPN 5002 CWG CoVPN.5002.CWG@HPTN.org
Community: CoVPN CWG CoVPN.CWG@HPTN.org
Community: HPTN 075 Community Working Group 075CWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 081 AMPCWG AMPCWG.HPTN@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 082 CWG 082CWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083 Asia CWG 083AsiaCWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083 CWG 083CWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083 South America CWG 083CWGSoAm@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083 US Community Educator 083USCE@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083 US CWG 083USCWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 083-01 CWG 083-01CWG@HPTN.org
Community: HPTN 084 Community Program Managers 084CPM@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 084 CWG 084CWG@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 091 CWG 091cwg@hptn.org
Community: HPTN 094 CWG 094CWG@HPTN.org
Community: HPTN 096 Community 096community@HPTN.org
Community: HVTN 703/HPTN 081 AMP Community Educators and Recruiters - Africa AMPCERAfr.hptn@hptn.org
Community: HVTN 703/HPTN 081 AMP CWG Africa AMPCWGAfr.HPTN@hptn.org
Community: HVTN 704/HPTN 085 AMP Community Educators and Recruiters - South America AMPCERSoAm.hptn@hptn.org
Community: HVTN 704/HPTN 085 AMP Community Educators and Recruiters - US AMPCERUS.hptn@hptn.org
Community: HVTN 704/HPTN 085 AMP CWG South America AMPCWGSoAm.HPTN@hptn.org
Community: HVTN 704/HPTN 085 AMP CWG US AMPCWGUS.HPTN@hptn.org
Concepts Concepts@HPTN.org
Core CRS PIs CoreCRSPI@hptn.org
Core CRS PIs Africa CoreCRSPI-Afr@hptn.org
Core CRS PIs Asia CoreCRSPI-Asia@hptn.org
Core CRS PIs North America CoreCRSPI-NoAm@hptn.org
Core CRS PIs South America CoreCRSPI-SoAm@hptn.org
Core CTU PIs CoreCTUPI@hptn.org
Core CTU PIs Africa CoreCTUPI-Afr@HPTN.org
Core CTU PIs Asia CoreCTUPI-Asia@HPTN.org
Core CTU PIs North America CoreCTUPI-NoAm@HPTN.org
Core CTU PIs South America CoreCTUPI-SoAm@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3501 Internal Team CoVPN.3501.InternalTeam@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3501 MOs CoVPN.3501.MOs@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3501 PIs CoVPN.3501.PIs@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Core Team CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.Core@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Diversity and Inclusion CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.DI@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Finance CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.Finance@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Lab Team CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.LabTeam@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Operations CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.Ops@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Protocol Team CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.PT@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 - REGN 2069 Safety CoVPN.3502.REGN.2069.Safety@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 Data Managers CoVPN.3502.DM@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 Internal Team CoVPN.3502.InternalTeam@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 IRB CoVPN.3502.IRB@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 Lab CoVPN.3502.Lab@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 PIs CoVPN.3502.PIs@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 POR CoVPN.3502.POR@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3502 Study Coordinators CoVPN.3502.SC@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3503 Operations CoVPN.3503.Operations@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3503 Protocol Development CoVPN.3503.ProtocolDevelopment@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3504 Core Team CoVPN.3504.CoreTeam@HPTN.org
CoVPN 3504 Internal Team CoVPN.3504.Internal@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5001 Sites 5001Sites@hptn.org
CoVPN 5002 Activation CoVPN.5002.ACTIVATION@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Data Management CoVPN.5002.DM@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Lab CoVPN.5002.Lab@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Leadership CoVPN.5002.Leadership@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Management CoVPN.5002.Management@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 PIs CoVPN.5002.PIs@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Protocol Publications Committee CoVPN.5002.PPC@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Protocol Team CoVPN.5002.ProtocolTeam@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Questions CoVPN.5002.Questions@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 REG CoVPN.5002.REG@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Site Teams CoVPN.5002.SiteTeams@HPTN.org
CoVPN 5002 Study Coordinators CoVPN.5002.SC@HPTN.org
CoVPN Finance CoVPN.Finance@HPTN.org
CoVPN mAb Sites CoVPN.mAb.Sites@HPTN.org
CoVPN Surveillance Operations Team CoVPN.Surveillance.Ops@HPTN.org
CRISP Information CRISP@hptn.org
CRS PIs All CRSPI-All@hptn.org
CTU PIs All CTUPI-All@hptn.org
DAIDS OCSO Group DAIDSOCSOGroup@hptn.org
Ethics Working Group EWG@hptn.org
Executive Committee EC@hptn.org
FHI 360 HPTN FHI360hptn@hptn.org
FHI Clinical Operations FHIClinOps@hptn.org
FHI Safety Group FHISafetyGroup@hptn.org
HPTN 027 Protocol Team 027PT@hptn.org
HPTN 035 Protocol Chairs 035Chairs@hptn.org
HPTN 035 Publications Executive Committee 035PubEC@hptn.org
HPTN 046 Protocol Team 046PT@hptn.org
HPTN 046 Publications Committee 046PubCom@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Blantyre 052Blantyre@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Botswana 052Botswana@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Chennai 052Chennai@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Chiang Mai 052ChiangMai@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Full Team 052FullTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Harare 052Harare@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Investigators of Record 052IoR@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Johannesburg 052Johannesburg@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Laboratory 052Lab@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Lilongwe 052Lilongwe@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Management Team 052MGMT@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Pharma 052Pharma@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Porto Alegre 052PortoAlegre@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Protocol Safety Review Team 052PSRT@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Publications Committee 052PubCommittee@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Pune 052Pune@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Resistance Testing 052ResistanceTesting@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Rio de Janeiro 052Rio@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Soweto 052Soweto@hptn.org
HPTN 052 Study Coordinators 052SC@hptn.org
HPTN 052 U.S. Principal Investigators 052USPI@hptn.org
HPTN 057 Protocol Team 057PT@hptn.org
HPTN 058 Protocol Team 058PT@hptn.org
HPTN 058 Publications 058Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 061 Publications Team 061PubTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 061 Writing Team Solicitation 061WrtgTeamSolicit@hptn.org
HPTN 062 Protocol Team 062PT@hptn.org
HPTN 063 Protocol Team 063PT@hptn.org
HPTN 063 Publications 063Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 064 Protocol Team 064PT@hptn.org
HPTN 064 Publications 064Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 064 Qualitative Book 064Qualbook@hptn.org
HPTN 064 Qualitative Working Group 064QWG@hptn.org
HPTN 064 Scholars 064Scholars@hptn.org
HPTN 066 Protocol Team 066PT@hptn.org
HPTN 067 Data 067data@hptn.org
HPTN 067 Protocol Team 067PT@hptn.org
HPTN 067 Publications Committee 067PubCom@hptn.org
HPTN 068 Authors 068Authors@hptn.org
HPTN 068 Protocol Team 068pt@hptn.org
HPTN 068 Publication Committee 068PubCommittee@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Investigators of Record 069IOR@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Lab 069lab@hptn.org
HPTN 069 PI's 069PIs@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Protocol Team 069pt@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Safety Reports 069Safetyreports@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Study Coordinators 069sc@hptn.org
HPTN 069 Tissue Subset 069tissuesubset@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Adolescents 071adolescents@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Communications WG 071communicationswg@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Critical Event 071CritEvent@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Data Access Requests 071DataAccess@HPTN.org
HPTN 071 Data/Stats WG 071datastats@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Device DM 071devicedm@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Economics/Modeling WG 071econmod@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Economist WG 071Econ@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Ethics Submit 071EthicsSubmit@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Ethics WG 071ewg@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Fiscal Group 071fiscalgroup@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Intervention WG 071piwg@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Lab WG 071lab@hptn.org
HPTN 071 LC SDMC 071LCSDMC@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Leads 071Leads@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Misdiagnosis 071Misdiagnosis@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Phylogenetics WG 071phylo@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Population Cohort WG 071PCWG@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Protocol Deviations 071ProtDev@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Protocol Team 071pt@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Protocol Team Roster 071ptroster@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Publications Review Team 071PRT@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Publications Working Group 071PubsWG@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Regulatory 071Reg@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Secondary Endpoints 071secondaryendpoints@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Social Harm 071SocialHarm@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Social Science WG 071socsci@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Stigma WG 071stigmawg@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Study Ops 071studyops@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Submissions 071SubmitPubs@hptn.org
HPTN 071 VL-DR 071vldr@hptn.org
HPTN 071 Working Group Chairs 071WGCs@hptn.org
HPTN 073 Communications 073Communications@hptn.org
HPTN 073 GWU 073GWU@hptn.org
HPTN 073 Protocol Team 073PT@hptn.org
HPTN 073 Publications 073Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 073 Safety Reports 073SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 073 SMC 073SMC@hptn.org
HPTN 073 UCLA 073UCLA@hptn.org
HPTN 073 UNC 073unc@hptn.org
HPTN 074 Protocol Team 074pt@hptn.org
HPTN 074 Publications 074Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 074 Qualitative/Intervention 074QualInter@hptn.org
HPTN 075 Protocol Team 075pt@hptn.org
HPTN 075 Publications 075pubs@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Bronx 076Bronx@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Cape Town 076CapeTown@hptn.org
HPTN 076 CMC 076CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Core 076core@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Management Group 076mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 076 NJMS 076NJMS@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Protocol Deviations 076ProtDev@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Protocol Team 076PT@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Publications 076Publications@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Safety Reports 076SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 076 Spilhaus 076Spilhaus@hptn.org
HPTN 077 CMC 077CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Investigators of Record 077IOR@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Management Group 077mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 077 OCSO 077OCSO@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Pharmacists of Record 077POR@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Protocol Deviations 077PD@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Protocol Team 077PT@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Safety Reports 077safetyreports@hptn.org
HPTN 077 Study Coordinators 077SC@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Concept Development 078conceptdev@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Lead Authors 078LeadAuthors@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Management 078mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Protocol Deviations 078ProtDev@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Protocol Team 078PT@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Publications 078Pubs@hptn.org
HPTN 078 Pubs Call 078PubsCall@hptn.org
HPTN 082 All Sites 082AllSites@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Behavioral Assessments Subgroup 082BAS@hptn.org
HPTN 082 CMC 082CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Core Team 082Core@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Counselors 082Counselors@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Emavundleni 082Ema@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Final 082Final@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Management Operations 082mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Operations 082Ops@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Protocol Deviations 082PD@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Protocol Team 082pt@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Publications 082Pubs@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Qualitative Team 082qt@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Safety Team 082safety@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Spilhaus 082Spilhaus@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Wits 082Wits@hptn.org
HPTN 082 Writing Team 082Writing@hptn.org
HPTN 083 CMC 083CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Community Program Managers 083CPM@hptn.org
HPTN 083 CTU 083CTU@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Data Management 083DM@hptn.org
HPTN 083 HIV 083HIV@hptn.org
HPTN 083 IoR 083IoR@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Lab 083Lab@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Lab Shipping 083LabShipping@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Management 083mgmt@HPTN.org
HPTN 083 Pharmacists of Record 083PoR@hptn.org
HPTN 083 PI 083PI@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Protocol Deviations 083PD@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Protocol Team 083PT@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Publications and Presentations Committee 083PPC@HPTN.org
HPTN 083 Safety Reports 083SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 083 Study Coordinators 083SC@hptn.org
HPTN 083 US IoRs and Study Coordinators 083USIORSC@hptn.org
HPTN 083 US Pharmacist of Record 083USPoR@hptn.org
HPTN 083 ViiV Study Product 083ViivStudyProduct@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 & 084-01 Operations Team 083-01.084-01Ops@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 & 084-01 Protocol Team 083-01PT.084-01PT@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 & 084-01 SMC 083-01.084-01SMC@HPTN.org
HPTN 083-01 CMC 083-01CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 Management 083-01mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 Protocol Deviations 083-01pd@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 Protocol Team 083-01PT@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 Publications Committee 083-01PubsCommittee@HPTN.org
HPTN 083-01 Safety Reports 083-01SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 083-01 Sites 083-01Sites@hptn.org
HPTN 083-02 Protocol Deviation 083-02PD@HPTN.org
HPTN 083-02 Team 083-02Team@hptn.org
HPTN 084 All Sites 084allsites@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Baylor Uganda 084bayloruganda@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Blantyre 084Blantyre@hptn.org
HPTN 084 CMC 084CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Contraceptive Action Team 084CAT@hptn.org
HPTN 084 CWG Manuscript Internal Team 084CWGManuscriptInternal@HPTN.org
HPTN 084 CWG Writing Team 084CWGWritingTeam@HPTN.org
HPTN 084 Data Managers 084DM@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Emavundleni 084Emavundleni@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Gaborone 084Gaborone@hptn.org
HPTN 084 HIV 084HIV@hptn.org
HPTN 084 IoR 084IOR@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Kisumu 084Kisumu@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Lab 084Lab@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Lab Shipping 084labshipping@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Lilongwe 084Lilongwe@hptn.org
HPTN 084 LOC 084LOC@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Management 084mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Milton Park 084MiltonPark@hptn.org
HPTN 084 MRC 084mrc@hptn.org
HPTN 084 MUJHU 084MUJHU@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Pharmacists of Record 084PoR@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Protocol Deviations 084protdev@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Protocol Team 084PT@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Publications Committee 084PubsCommittee@HPTN.org
HPTN 084 Qual Sub-study 084qual@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Safety Reports 084SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Seke South 084SekeSouth@hptn.org
HPTN 084 SMC 084SMC@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Soweto 084Soweto@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Spilhaus 084Spilhaus@hptn.org
HPTN 084 St. Mary's 084StMarys@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Stellenbosch 084Stellenbosch@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Study Coordinators 084SC@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Swaziland 084Swaziland@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Unblind Request sc.084unblindrequest@scharp.org
HPTN 084 UVRI-IAVI 084UVRI-IAVI@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Ward 21 084ward21@hptn.org
HPTN 084 Zengeza 084Zengeza@hptn.org
HPTN 084-01 CMC 084-01CMC@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Lab 084-01Lab@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Management 084-01mgmt@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Protocol Deviations 084-01PD@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Protocol Team 084-01PT@hptn.org
HPTN 084-01 Publications 084-01_Publications@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Qualitative Team 084-01QualTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 084-01 Safety Reports 084-01SafetyReports@HPTN.org
HPTN 084-01 Sites 084-01Sites@hptn.org
HPTN 091 ACASI 091ACASI@hptn.org
HPTN 091 CMC 091CMC@hptn.org
HPTN 091 DHI 091DHI@hptn.org
HPTN 091 DM 091DM@hptn.org
HPTN 091 IOR 091IoR@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Lab 091Lab@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Lab Shipping 091LabShipping@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Management 091mgmt@hptn.org
HPTN 091 PHN 091PHN@hptn.org
HPTN 091 PI 091PI@hptn.org
HPTN 091 POR 091PoR@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Protocol Development 091ProtocolDevelopment@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Protocol Deviation 091pd@hptn.org
HPTN 091 PT 091PT@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Qual 091Qual@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Safety Reports 091SafetyReports@hptn.org
HPTN 091 SC 091SC@hptn.org
HPTN 091 Site PHN 091SitePHN@HPTN.org
HPTN 091 SMC Approved Observers 091SMC-AO@hptn.org
HPTN 091 SMC Voting Members 091SMC-VM@hptn.org
HPTN 091 US IoRs 091USIoR@hptn.org
HPTN 091 US IoRs and Study Coordinators 091USIoRSC@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Bridge Fellows 094BridgeFellows@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Bronx 094Bronx@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Clinicians 094Clinicians@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 CMC 094CMC@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Core Protocol Writing Team 094CoreProtocolWritingTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Core Team 094CoreTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Data Instrument Development Team 094DataDevTeam@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Data Managers 094DM@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Full Team 094FullTeam@hptn.org
HPTN 094 GWU 094GWU@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Houston 094Houston@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Implementation Science 094ImplementationScience@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 IoR 094IoR@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Lab 094Lab@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 LOC 094LOC@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Navigator Supervisors 094NavigatorSupervisors@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Ops 094Ops@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Peer Health Navigators 094PHN@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Penn 094Penn@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Pharmacist of Record 094PoR@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 PHN Chat 094PHNchat@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Protocol Deviations 094PD@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Publications Committee 094PPC@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Qual Interviewers 094QualInterviewers@hptn.org
HPTN 094 Safety Reports 094SafetyReports@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Steering Committee 094SteeringCommittee@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 Study Coordinators 094SC@HPTN.org
HPTN 094 UCLA Vine 094UCLAVine@HPTN.org
HPTN 096 All Study Communities 096_all_sc@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Client Instructor 096Instructor@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Community Advisory Group 096CAG@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Community Liaison 096_community_liaison@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Community Strategy Group 096CSG@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Control Study Communities 096_control_sc@HPTN.org
HPTN 096 CRISP Leadership Group 096CRISPLeads@hptn.org
HPTN 096 CRISP Working Group 096CRISPWG@hptn.org
HPTN 096 Cross Sectional Committee 096CSC@hptn.org
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