Network Templates & Logos


HPTN posterThe HPTN PowerPoint and Poster templates should always be used for presentations related to HPTN or an HPTN study. Sponsor text already incorporated into these templates should not be altered in any way.

Each conference requires different-sized posters, so be sure to print posters according to size specifications as determined by the conference guidelines. Please contact HPTN Communications for any questions regarding poster templates.



HPTN Horizontal Poster Template (landscape)* - Updated Sept. 2017

HPTN Vertical Poster Template (portrait)* - Updated Sept. 2017

IAS 2019 poster template 

*Poster templates are not conference-specific


Slide Decks

HPTN Slide Deck (Standard size) 

HPTN Slide Deck (Widescreen size)

When choosing a slide deck template, please remember to check the presentation guidelines with the conference first. Some conferences require standard size and some require widescreen.


DAIDS Site Expansion Information Sheet

HPTN Letterhead



Click on link, then right click on the image to save. Email for different logo colors and file types.

HPTN logo (Web)

HPTN logo (Print)

HPTN logo - navy background (Web)

HPTN logo - white (Web)