Network Groups & Committees

The HPTN is comprised of a global network of investigators from Clinical Trials Units (CTUs), Leadership and Operations Center (LOC) which includes recognized experts in HIV prevention, leadership partners from the network Laboratory Center (LC) and Statistical and Data Management Center (SDMC) and various working groups and committees charged with the scientific management and operational support of the Network.

SC chart

The EC Chair recommends, and the full EC approves, chair(s) and membership of the HPTN committees. Committee members serve for the duration of the cooperative agreement, and chairs serve three-year terms unless otherwise specified. Terms of committee chairs may be extended with the approval of the EC Chair. In addition to the SCs, and WGs, there are four key standing Network oversight committees: 

  • Science Review Committee (SRC)

  • Study Monitoring Committee (SMC)

  • Manuscript Review Committee (MRC)

  • Performance Evaluation Committee (PEC)

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Network Groups

Working Groups (WGs)

Scientific Committees (SCs)

  • Adolescents at Risk
  • Men and Transgender People Who Have Sex with Men
  • Substance Users
  • Women at Risk

Executive Management Committee

Network Oversight Committees (see above)