HPTN Bibliographic Record

Gross M, Buchbinder SP, Holte S, Celum CL, Koblin BA, Douglas JM, Jr. Use of reality female condoms for anal sex by US men who have sex with men. HIVNET Vaccine Preparedness Study Protocol Team. Am J Public Health. 1999, 89: 1739-41.
OBJECTIVES: This study assessed use of Reality "female condoms" for anal sex by HIV-seronegative men who have sex with men and are at high risk for HIV infection. METHODS: Self-administered questionnaires were completed by 2277 participants in a 6-city prospective cohort study. RESULTS: Of the 1084 (48%) men who had heard of using the female condom for anal sex, 145 (13%) reported using it in the prior 6 months. Users were at greater risk than nonusers: 47 receptive and 35 insertive users reported problems, including bleeding by the receptive partner (4). CONCLUSIONS: Redesign of the female condom could increase acceptability and use by men who have sex with men and could address possible safety concerns.