HPTN 084-01

Ancillary Study: Safety, Tolerability and Acceptability of Long-Acting Cabotegravir (LA CAB) for the Prevention of HIV among Adolescents

Study Summary
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What is HPTN 084-01?

HPTN 084-01 (The LIFT Study) is a clinical trial examining whether injectable cabotegravir (CAB) for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is safe and acceptable for adolescent females (assigned female at birth).

Who is participating in HPTN 084-01?

This study will be enrolling about 50 adolescent females (assigned female at birth) under the age of 18 at sites in South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. 

Why is HPTN 084-01 important?

Adolescents and young adults make up a large number of new HIV infections worldwide. Although taking a daily pill for PrEP works to protect people from HIV, having to take a daily pill has proven to be difficult for some people. Long-acting injectable PrEP has the potential to protect people from HIV without having to take a daily pill.

What will happen during HPTN 083-01?

Participants will move through the study in 3 steps:

Step 1: Participants will take one CAB pill every day for five weeks

Step 2: Participants will receive a total of 5 CAB injections over 6 months

Step 3: Participants will come to the clinic for study visits quarterly and receive Truvada for PrEP for about one year.


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