Quantitative Data


Qualitative Data

The following manuscripts have been published using qualitative data collected from those who administered or participated in the financial incentive interventions for linkage-to-care and viral suppression:

Due to the nature of the qualitative subcomponent of the study, making the original transcript database of the in-depth interviews and the focus group discussions publicly available may pose the risk of individual identification. Furthermore, participants in the qualitative substudy did not consent to making the transcripts of their interviews or focus groups publicly available. However, a de-identified dataset will be made available by request, under a data-use agreement that provides for responsible, secure and ethical conduct and use of the data for research purposes only.

De-identification is per the ‘safe-harbor’ method, removing all HIPAA identifiers: (http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/coveredentities/De-identification/guidance.html). The specific modifications that have been made to de-identify this dataset include the following:

  • Transcripts of interviews and focus groups have been redacted to remove all reference to names, locations, clinics, dates, or other personal or identifying information.
  • Dates of interviews have been redacted.
  • Locations are only indicated to the state level.
  • Dates in patient data (i.e. HIV diagnostics, viral load, CD4, ART initiation) have been removed or changed to a reference timeframe or a year.

Click here for additional details about requesting the de-identified qualitative sub-study dataset.