Mandy HillDr. Mandy Hill, a 2015-2016 HPTN Domestic Scholar, is a professor and director of Population Health in Emergency Medicine at UTHealth Houston, McGovern Medical School. She earned her DrPH in Disease Control, with minor concentrations in Health Promotion and Health Management and Policy, at the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health in 2007. Dr. Hill brings over 20 years of advocacy and research experience to the sexual health field. While her work has continually advanced the plight of extending health equity to marginalized and unseen communities, her research now focuses on extending sexual health equity to Black women and men. She develops behavioral interventions with innovation and cultural relevance that aim to motivate the adoption and maintenance of healthy sexual behaviors that include the use of practical HIV prevention tools like pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Although Dr. Hills' academic portfolio reflects her commitment to investing in future physicians and public health leaders through scholarship, mentorship, teaching, and service, she is most proud of the community's authentic and long-lasting relationships she has built, nurtured, and sustained.