Embracing Change in the New Year

Dec 28, 2022
hptn logo history


The HPTN will soon be getting a new look. Since its inception in 1999, the HPTN brand has evolved twice, with the current logo in place since 2016. After nearly seven years, we’re introducing an updated brand identity, which includes a refreshed logo, colors, and typeface.

Changes to our brand and visual identity coincide with the evolution of our scientific agenda and the potential inclusion of new focus areas. A significant part of an organization’s brand is to encapsulate its vision, mission, and values through visual and written communication. Refreshing a brand represents a renewal of energy and engagement with these qualities based on how audiences see, talk about, and experience the organization.

Watch this space for upgrades to the HPTN logo, website, and communication materials in 2023.


Refreshing the HPTN logo is a commitment to embracing adaptability and inspiring new horizons in HIV prevention research. Our communications team has worked closely with network stakeholders to visually capture the spirit of innovation, community engagement, and scientific progress of the network while leveraging recognizable brand equity. We are excited to reveal the next evolution of this logo in February 2023.


Along with visual updates, the HPTN website will undergo structural changes to enhance user experience and navigation. Updates to the website are expected to roll out in phases as we work to provide relevant, detailed, and up-to-date information to your desktop or mobile device. You can expect these changes to occur over the next few months.

Communication Materials

As part of the upgrade, additional changes will include new slide decks, fact sheets, digital templates, and communication tools. A detailed brand guide and media library will accompany these materials to ensure they are easy to find and used effectively.

If you have questions about the refresh process, contact the HPTN Communications Team at communications@hptn.org.