HPTN Principal Investigators' World AIDS Day Message

Dec 1, 2020
HPTN Principal Investigators 2020 World AIDS Day Message


Tuesday, December 1, is World AIDS Day. In a challenging year that includes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with its associated health, social and economic consequences, this year's theme, "Global solidarity, shared responsibility," serves as a reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe.

As people worldwide commemorate the 32nd World AIDS Day, we must all work towards creating societies where rights, opportunities, and respect extend to all people, where bigotry and racial injustice are not tolerated, and health and well-being are secured for all.

Looking at next year and beyond, we are enthusiastic about the potential for identifying new biomedical tools for the prevention of HIV transmission and for enabling various populations to garner the benefits of integrated HIV prevention strategies to achieve impact on controlling the HIV epidemic.

The work of the HPTN would not be possible without the commitment of so many around the world, from research teams, study participants, funders, community partners, and other key stakeholders. You have worked tirelessly to sustain the work of our Network during these difficult times.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and passion towards ending the HIV epidemic.


Myron S. Cohen, MD

Wafaa M. El-Sadr, MD, MPH, MPA

HPTN Principal Investigators