HPTN Scholars Program Update

HPTN Scholars Program Update
Nov 4, 2019

Applications for the next round of the HPTN Scholars Program (Domestic and International) are expected to be available in March 2020, pending the outcome of the Network renewal process and availability of funding. The 18-month HPTN Scholars Program is expected to start on 1 December 2020.
The HPTN Scholars Program increases opportunities for scientists from groups underrepresented in HIV prevention research. Since forming in 2010, Scholars have generated more than 32 primary-authored publications, and recently two Scholars were named first-time protocol co-chairs for two HPTN studies in development.
For more information about the HPTN Scholars Program, applications schedule, and other helpful resources, please visit the
HPTN Scholars web page. We look forward to awarding our next round of HPTN Scholars.