The HPTN Network Performance Awards, recognizing top performers in community engagement, laboratory performance, study participant enrollment and retention, and staff excellence in leadership, were announced at the recent HPTN 2020 Update Webinar. We congratulate all award recipients for their achievements.

Community Engagement Award  Winners 

Barranco CRS, Lima, Peru 

San Miguel CRS, Lima, Peru

CITBM CRS, Callao, Peru

Via Libre CRS, Lima, Peru

The "Impacta Heroes Universe Campaign" utilized five comic book superheroes in different communication approaches to support education, and recruitment and retention efforts at local venues, online social media campaigns, and during community events.

Impacta Heroes Universe Campaign

Community Engagement Award – Honorable Mention

Houston AIDS Research Team CRS, Houston, Texas

The Houston AIDS Research Team (HART) of UTHealth is a significant advocate of trans health in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and a recognized leader in promoting access to and improving local gender-affirming care services. The CRS has worked tirelessly to develop relationships with other local providers of gender-affirming care, service organizations, and transgender community leaders. The team provides a valuable resource to the community, is well received in the diverse transgender communities of Houston, and is committed to providing culturally competent services.

Accrual Award  Winner 

Centro de Referencia e Treinamento DST/AIDS CRS, Sao Paulo, Brazil

For enrolling 136 HPTN 083 participants between June and December 2019, 133% of the expected target enrollment for that period.

Accrual Award  Honorable Mention

MU-JHU Research Collaboration (MUJHU CARE LTD) CRS, Kampala, Uganda

For enrolling 98 HPTN 084 participants from June through December 2019.

Estimated Retention  Winner 

Botha’s Hill CRS, Durban, South Africa

For the highest visit completion rate of 98.9% for HVTN 703/HPTN 081 (AMP)

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HPTN 083 logo


Estimated Retention  Honorable Mention

CMU HIV Prevention CRS, Chiang Mai, Thailand

For an HPTN 083 study visit completion rate of 98.5% (2905/2949 expected study visits).


Estimated Retention  Honorable Mention

Spilhaus CRS, Harare, Zimbabwe

For the combined visit completion rate for HVTN 703/HPTN 081 (AMP) and HPTN 084, 4182/4301 study visits for a rate of 97.2%.

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Laboratory  Winner 

Hospital of University of Pennsylvania CRS, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For their responsiveness to queries, attentiveness to shipments, and no reportable Notes to File.

Laboratory  Honorable Mention

Spilhaus CRS, Harare, Zimbabwe

For their responsiveness to queries and attentiveness to shipments.  

Staff Excellence in Leadership – Winners

For the successful development and implementation of HPTN 083

Marybeth McCauley, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

Kaila Gomez Feliciano, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

Andrea Jennings, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

Jonathan Lucas, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

Cheryl Cokley Blanchette, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

Sarah Stone, HPTN Leadership and Operations Center

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For their dedication, commitment, and contributions to the HPTN

Yaw Agyei, HPTN Laboratory Center

Leslie Cottle, HPTN Statistical and Data Management Center