HPTN Bibliographic Record

Piwowar-Manning EM, Tustin NB, Sikateyo P, Kamwendo D, Chipungu C, Maharaj R, Mushanyu J, Richardson BA, Hillier S and Jackson JB. Validation of rapid HIV antibody tests in 5 African Countries. J Int Assoc Physicians in AIDS Care. J Int Assoc Physicians AIDS Care. 2010, 9: 170-2. PMC2989535
The sensitivity and specificity of 3 rapid HIV antibody tests were assessed at 5 clinical trial sites in Africa and 1 site in the United States using a minimum of 100 HIV antibody positive samples and 100 HIV antibody negative samples at each site. The overall sensitivity and specificity for the OraSure OraQuick, Abbott Determine, and Trinity Unigold tests were 99.3%, 99.8%, and 98.5%, respectively, and 99.3%, 99.4%, and 99.5%, respectively. There were no instances at any site in which false-negative or false-positive results were obtained for the same sample on more than 1 rapid test kit. The results of this study provide assurance that for these diverse sites in Africa, the accuracy of these kits is quite good. Given the excellent accuracy, relatively fast turnaround time, and minimal infrastructure required, these rapid tests for HIV antibody provide a very attractive and accurate testing format.