Webinar Instructions

  Prior to joining any HPTN webinar, please note the following instructions:

- All participants must use Zoom version 5.3.1. To download, visit https://zoom.us/download.

- If you already have the Zoom desktop client installed: 

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click on your picture profile, then click 'Check for Updates.'

If you are not using version 5.3.1, Zoom will download and install it.

- If you do not see the 'Language Interpretation Globe', you must leave the webinar and repeat the steps outlined above. 

Interpretation Button

- All participants must select a language, even English speakers. Language options include English, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

- Languages other than English must select 'Mute Original Audio'; otherwise, you will simultaneously hear two languages.

Language Options

- All participant lines will be muted during a webinar. 

- Use the Q&A feature to ask any questions

Q&A Feature

- Use the Chat feature for language interpretation questions.

Chat Feature