(Updated 12 January 2022)

The HPTN website portal was removed in 2020.

Email lists, our directory, and study documents are now public. 

As of January 2022, SSPs have been put back on the website for HPTN 083, HPTN 084, HPTN 083-01, and HPTN 084-01. They are listed under "Study Documents."


What if I need another document not listed on a study webpage?

Documents that need to remain private are hosted on our HPTN Study Documents Microsoft Team. You can request access to the Team by emailing Jeff Webb (jwebb@fhi360.org). 

IMPORTANT: Before you can gain access to the Members Team, you'll need to create a one-time Microsoft account. Most people already have an Office 365 account through their institution and will simply use their regular work email and password to access Teams.

If you do not have an Office 365 account through your organization, clicking on the Teams invitation you will receive may prompt you to create an Office 365 account. You can also create a Microsoft account using your institution email address (preferred) or personal email address at https://account.microsoft.com/account.


Happy to answer them! Email the HPTN communications team at communications@hptn.org.