HPTN Special Call for Concepts 2022

Oct 7, 2022
2022 Call for Concepts


We are eager to continue growing our scientific agenda and therefore solicit submissions of new concepts. This call for research concepts is focused specifically on pilot studies addressing two priority areas: 

  1. HIV prevention in heterosexual men in high burden settings 
  2. HIV prevention in stimulant users 

The objectives of the pilot studies in these priority areas should be to obtain critical information that will contribute to advancing the work in these specific areas and help inform future HPTN research efforts. Concepts must also be relevant to one of our four HPTN scientific aims.  

Concepts are welcomed from HPTN and non-HPTN affiliated investigators. Proposals can include (but are not limited to): identification of specific sub-populations with greatest need (e.g., age, socio-economic status, HIV status awareness, other demographics, etc.); engagement of these populations; identification or evaluation of components of a comprehensive prevention package; determination of feasibility of integrating several interventions, etc. 

The study budget for direct costs should not exceed US$500,000. (The costs for HPTN Central Resources will be calculated separately.) The study must be completed by 30 November 2024.  

Concepts must be limited to five pages, using the template for this solicitation (link below).  


How to apply:

  • Submit a brief letter of intent no later than 31 October 2022 via the Letter of Intent Submission Form. The letter of intent will be reviewed by HPTN leadership to ensure that the proposed research is consistent with the priority areas for this solicitation. A response will be sent within five working days to the primary author indicating whether a concept submission is invited.  

  • Concepts should be uploaded via the Concept Submission Form by 30 November 2022


Click here to access the Solicitation Notice. 

Click here to access the Concept Template. 

Click here to access the Budget Template. 

Click here to access the FAQ Document.


Concepts will undergo review by HPTN Leadership and topic area experts as directed by the HPTN Leadership. This process is anticipated to be completed by end of January 2023.  

Should you have any questions, please send your queries to concepts@hptn.org