CROI 2021


HPTN researchers virtually presented 11 abstracts showcasing HPTN 052, HPTN 069, HPTN 071, HPTN 083, and the HPTN Modelling Center and HPTN Laboratory Center's ongoing work at the recent Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI). HPTN 083 protocol chair Dr. Raphael J. Landovitz also delivered remarks during the CROI press conference regarding the study’s laboratory analysis findings of injectable cabotegravir for pre-exposure prophylaxis.




HPTN 052 Predictors of Pregnancy among HIV+ Women Enrolled in HPTN 052 Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 069 Hair Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Daily Maraviroc Adherence In HPTN 069/ACTG 5305 Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 071 Evaluation of a Rapid Test Algorithm to Estimate HIV Incidence: HPTN 071/PopART Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 071 HIV Drug Resistance in a Trial of Universal Testing & Treatment: HPTN 071/POPART Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 071 Impact of Early Viral Suppression on Incidence Assays: HPTN 071 (POPART) Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 071 Use of Multi-Assay Algorithms to Identify Recent HIV Infections: HPTN 071/POPART Science SpotlightTM
HPTN 083 Cost-effectiveness of Long-acting PrEP Among MSM/TGW in the U.S. Oral Presentation
HPTN 083 Laboratory Analysis of HIV Infections in HPTN 083: Injectable CAB For PrEP Oral Presentation
Lab Center Antibody Profiling Identifies Antibody Targets Associated with Natural HIV Control Science SpotlightTM
Lab Center Comparison of Asante and Swift HIV Rapid Recency of Infection Assays Science SpotlightTM
Modelling Center Modelling the Impact Of COVID-19-Related Disruptions on HIV in the United States Science SpotlightTM