2024 HPTN Annual Meeting: Recordings and Presentations

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Saturday, June 15


Lessons Learned: CAB-LA Rollout

Kristine Torjesen 


Trauma-Informed HIV Prevention Strategies for Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Diverse People

Sari Reisner 


Creating a Social Media Campaign for Black MSM in the Southern United States

Rameses Frederick and Kameron Jacobs 


Long-acting PrEP for People Who Inject Drugs: HPTN 103 and Beyond

Sunil Solomon



HIV Among Sexual and Gender Minorities in Latin America

Mayara Secco 


HPTN Black Caucus

Craig Hutchinson 


Combination Strategies for HIV Prevention and Contraception

Kate Segal and Nandisile (Luthuli) Sikwana 


Sunday, June 16


LATITUDE: Comparing a Monthly Injectable ART to Daily Oral Drugs

Timothy Wilkin 


Integrase Resistance: How to Manage in Less than Perfectly Monitored Populations

Monica Gandhi 


INSTI Resistance in the Setting of CAB-LA PrEP

Susan Eshleman 


Reaching Populations with High HIV Incidence and Limited Access to Services

Ernest Moseki and Mardrequs Harris 



Monday, June 17

Tuesday, June 18


Targeted LC-HRMS with Library Matching for Toxicology Screening

Bill Clarke 


Assessing Antimicrobial Resistance in STIs in HIV Prevention Trials

Johan Melendez 


Update on HIV Diagnostic Testing in the Setting of CAB-LA PrEP

Susan Eshleman