AIDS 2020


HPTN researchers presented 18 abstracts covering HPTN 068, HPTN 069, HPTN 071, HPTN 074, HPTN 078, HPTN 083, HPTN 084, and the HPTN Modelling Centre. The HPTN Scholars Program will host a satellite session entitled “The Next Generation of Emerging Leaders of Color in the HIV Prevention Landscape,” featuring three presentations from current and past scholars with a Q&A session to follow. A second satellite session, entitled “Spotlight on Zambia PopART (HPTN 071-2) Phylogenetics Study,” includes presentations from four researchers discussing different study results aspects.

HPTN members also hosted two virtual booths: one in the exhibition space and the other in the Global Village. Each featured information about the Network, our community engagement efforts, as well as current studies and those in development.

Global Village Booth Materials

Satellite Sessions




HPTN Scholars Program: The Next Generation of Emerging Leaders of Color in the HIV Prevention Landscape

Wednesday, 8 July at 2 p.m. (EDT)

Satellite Channel 2

  • Sten Vermund
  • Darrell Wheeler
  • Quarraisha Abdool-Karim
  • Rodman Turpin
  • Jasmine Abrams
  • Glenn-Milo Santos

HIV Phylogenetics in a Global Health Setting

Symposia and bridging sessions

On-Demand Channel

  • Sikhulile Moyo
  • Myron Cohen
  • Christophe Fraser
  • Mary Kathryn Grabowski
  • Musonda Simwinga
  • David Bonsall


Oral Presentations



Factors Encouraging Men to Test for HIV For the First Time in HPTN 071 (PopART) Communities in Zambia

Mwelwa Muleba Phiri

Impact of Universal Testing and Treatment on Sexual Risk Behaviour and HSV-2: Evidence from The HPTN 071 (PopART) Trial in Zambia and South Africa

Ethan Wilson

HPTN 083 Interim Results: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Containing Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir (CAB-LA) Is Safe and Highly Effective for Cisgender Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men (MSM, TGW)

Raphael Landovitz

HPTN 083 Interim Results: Efficacy of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Containing Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir (CAB-LA) is Maintained Across Regions and Key Populations

Beatriz Grinsztejn


Poster Discussion



Higher Colon Tissue Infectivity in HIV Seronegative Cisgender Women Compared to Cisgender Men on Candidate Oral Antiretroviral (ARV) Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Prep) Regimens in HPTN 069

Rogers Sekabira


Poster Presentations




HPTN 068

Adolescent motherhood predicts HIV incidence among young women in South Africa enrolled in HPTN 068

Allison K. Groves

HPTN 068

Community spaces, community groups, and HIV acquisition among adolescent girls and young women in rural South Africa: A longitudinal analysis of HIV Prevention Trials Network 068 data

Nivedita L. Bhushan

HPTN 068

Mediators of the relationship between adolescent motherhood and incident HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa (HPTN 068)

Nivedita L. Bhushan

HPTN 068

Modelling cash plus other psychosocial and structural interventions to prevent HIV among adolescent girls and young women in South Africa (HPTN 068

Marie C.D. Stoner

HPTN 071

Viral suppression in stable HIV+ patients in two community models of ART delivery: A cluster-randomized trial nested within the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial in Lusaka, Zambia

Mohammed Limbada

HPTN 074

An integrated intervention to engage HIV+ people who inject drugs in antiretroviral treatment and medication-assisted treatment: Extended follow-up of HPTN 074

Katie R. Mollan

HPTN 078

The impact of stigma and sexual identity on PrEP awareness and use among at risk men who have sex with men in 4 US cities (HPTN 078)

Jason Farley

HPTN 078

Do higher levels of internalized homophobia and HIV stigma lower your chances for viral suppression?: Results from HPTN 078

Jowanna Malone

HPTN 084

Long acting cabotegravir (CAB LA): Planning for success across global at-risk populations

Sinead Delany-Moretlwe

HPTN Modelling Centre

Under-Reporting of Known HIV-Positive Status Among People Living with HIV: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Nirali Soni

HPTN Modelling Centre

Identifying regions of greatest need for ending the HIV epidemic: A plan for America

James Richard Moore

HPTN Modelling Centre

Improved PrEP effectiveness on non-daily regimens among individuals with low adherence: A simulation study using HPTN 067/ADAPT data

James Richard Moore

HPTN Ethics Working Group Updating Ethics Guidance for International HIV Prevention Research: Responding to Scientific Developments, Shifting Norms and the Context of the Epidemic Jeremy Sugarman