The Network-level Community Working Group (CWG) is responsible for ensuring that the principles of community involvement are the foundation of all community engagement activities at each site and for facilitating community participation throughout the research process. The group is led by a Chair (Melissa Turner) and a co-Chair (Ntando Yola). The Network CWG is composed of one community engagement staff member from each HPTN site, one CAB member from each HPTN site, advocates with community expertise in diverse aspects of HIV prevention science, and LOC CEP staff members.

The Network CWG meets at least quarterly via teleconference and at least once annually in-person during the HPTN’s Annual Meeting, to identify new and emerging issues, solicit feedback on Network leadership structures, monitor progress and build community capacity. The CWG Chair serves as a voting member on the HPTN EMC, and Network CWG representatives also serves on each of the HPTN SCs, WGs and the Science Review and Performance Evaluation Oversight Committees (sub-section B), as well as the HANC Community Partners group.

Melissa Turner
      Melissa Turner                     (Chair)
Ntando Yola
         Ntando Yola












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