Malika Roman Isler
Carol Golin
Protocol number

HPTN Bibliographic Record

Roman Isler M, Golin C, Wang J, Hughes J, Justman J, Haley D, Kuo I, Adimora A, Chege W, Hodder S. Venues for Meeting Sex Partners and Partner HIV Risk Characteristics: HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN064) Women’s HIV Seroincidence Study (ISIS)AIDS and Behavior. 2015,  :   .


Identifying venues where women meet sexual partners, particular partners who increase women’s risk of acquiring HIV, could inform prevention efforts. We categorized venues where women enrolled in HPTN 064 reported meeting their last three sex partners as: (1) Formal, (2) Public, (3) Private, and (4) Virtual spaces. We used multinomial logistic regression to assess the association between these venues and women’s individual characteristics and reports of their partners’ HIV risk characteristics. The 2099 women reported meeting 3991 partners, 51 % at Public, 30 % Private, 17 % Formal and 3 % at Virtual venues. Women meeting partners at Formal venues reported more education and condom use than women meeting partners at other venues. Fewer partners met through Formal venues had “high” risk characteristics for HIV than through other venues and hence may pose less risk of HIV transmission. HIV prevention interventions can help women choose partners with fewer risk characteristics across all venue types.