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Issue 102: HPTN Annual Meeting Recap; Ward Cates Spirit Award; Distinguished Service Award; Incoming HPTN Principal Investigators

Issue 101: HPTN Annual Meeting Final Reminder; Ntando Yola Appointed HPTN CWG Chair; HPN 096 Social Media Summit Recap

Issue 100: Celebrating 100th issue; HPTN Annual Meeting Registration Reminder; HPTN Black Caucus; Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit

Issue 99: HPTN Annual Meeting Registration; HPTN 111 (TRIM) Launches in Uganda; Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit

Issue 98: HPTN at CROI; HPTN Remembers Hydeia Broadbent; HPTN 112 Study Team Prepares for Launch

Issue 97: Cissy Ssuuna Retires; HPTN Recommendations on PTSD Measures; Building Partnerships to Implement Peer Support


Issue 96: Season's Greetings; HPTN in 2023: By the Numbers; HPTN Honored at Innovating for Impact Awards

Issue 95: World AIDS Day Message; HPTN Principal Investigators Science Editorial; Incoming Global Virus Network President

Issue 94: HPTN Regional Meeting Recap; HPTN Scholars Program Accepting Applications; HPTN 096 Study Updates; HPTN Scholars Updates

Issue 93: HPTN at USCHA; HPTN Laboratory Center; HPTN 094 Update

Issue 92: USCHA; HPTN Regional Meeting; HPTN Annual Meeting

Issue 91: HPTN at IAS; HPTN 108 Community Consultation; Saving Ourselves Symposium

Issue 90: HPTN Annual Meeting Recap; Ward Cates Spirit Award; New HPTN Scholars

Issue 89: HPTN Annual Meeting Update; Ever Wonder What it's Like to Participate in a Research Study?

Issue 88: HPTN Annual Meeting Registration; New HPTN logo; Feature on the Future of MPTs

Issue 87: HPTN at CROI 2023 Recap; HVTN Regional Meeting; Depression Measures Working Recommendations; HPTN Scholars Mid-Year Workshop

Issue 86: HPTN at CROI 2023; Video: HPTN in 2022; Video; A Message from NIAID/DAIDS; Celebrating Dawn Smith; Shoutouts; Yaw Agyei Spotlight


Issue 85: Season's Greetings; HPTN Brand Update; IAS 2023 Abstract Submissions Timeline; Scholars Program Application Deadlines Updated

Issue 84: World AIDS Day Message; Addressing the HIV & STI Syndemic in Prevention Research; HPTN Scholars Database Now Available

Issue 83: Meeting People Where They Are for HPTN 094; Call for Concepts; HPTN at USCHA; HPTN Scholars Program Now Accepting Applications

Issue 82: Updated Manual of Operations; Dr. Cohen Featured in PBS Special; Addressing PrEP Access 

Issue 81: HPTN 096 Peer Support Program; 2022 Saving Ourselves Symposium

Issue 80: HPTN at AIDS 2022; 2022-2023 HPTN Scholars; Understanding Science videos

Issue 79: HPTN Annual Meeting recap; Ward Cates Spirit Award; HPTN Scholars update,

Issue 78: HPTN Annual Meeting Safety Protocols for In-Person Attendees; HPTN 096 Assessments Initiated; HPTN 084 CWG and CAB-LA Access Plans

Issue 77: HPTN Annual Meeting Registration Now Open

Issue 76: Remembering Susan Corrigan; HPTN Virtual Backgrounds; HPTN Scholars' Highlights

Issue 75: HPTN Annual Meeting; 2021 Year in Review; HPTN Educational Learning Portal (H.E.L.P.)

Issue 74: HPTN at CROI; FDA Approves CAB-LA; HPTN Educational Learning Portal (H.E.L.P.)